Test Center
Test Center for Flying Schools
Flying Schools
Test Center gives flying schools control of the progress of the school's student pilots towards their final CAA exams. It is based on the same database of questions as the Mock PPL and the Mock NPL yet it goes further in that it keeps a record of every test attempted, right down to the questions that were asked for each exam and how the student answered. As well as generating reports on the student progress, it allows the student, optionally with an instructor, to bring back an exam result sheet for revision purposes. Just like the Mock exams, the student is able to click into any question to see the explanation of the answer.
Test Center as a filter
Many fight school administrators use Test Center a a way to filter the students, allowing only those who are able to pass a particular subject at the 90% levels to move on to take the CAA exam. This reduces the number of official failure recorded at the CAA for their school.
A complete examination management system
Flying School Test Center - the process
When a student is ready to take an exam a booking is made using the Test Management screen. The details of the student and the exam are recorded.
Test Bed
When the student arrives to take the exam, he/she sits at the workstation where Test Bed is running. Test bed presents the exam the same way as Mock PPL or NPL, but Test Bed keeps a full record of the exam and its results.
Results and explanations
On completion of the exam, the results are made available to the student in the same form as Mock PPL or NPL. The difference is that as well as being able to interrogate the question background at the completion of the test, Test Center allows the student to call back the exam results at a later date, optionally with an instructor for assistance.
The main advantage of Test Center to the flying school administrator is the generation of progress reports.
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