8th Feb 2018 The PPL Has had an update of new questions across all subjects. All existing Mock users can simply go to the 'Download' page and do a free download. The system will recognise that you are a user and will not require a password. New users can do a download and payment on the Downloads page. New users click the appropriate download and then click PayFast to pay, or use a normal eft. To answer the new CPL syllabus questions you will need the following documents: CAP 697 and 698 (download from my website Download page at the bottom). Jeppesen Africa High/Low Altitude Enroute Charts (From a pilot shop). The Mock ATP is now available for downloading.
All the Mock Exams are now availble for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Search for "Swales" in the App Store. !!!! If you buy the iPad version, keep your documentation and I will supply a code for a 'Windows' version of any Mock product you purchase from the App Store at 75 percent discount. That 1/4 of the price.
Ray Swales has lectured aviation subjects, from PPL to ATPL, for 22 years. The first mock tests were produced in 2001 when they were approved by the SA CAA for use at flight schools as the primary means of examining student for the PPL. The Mock Exams have been available for 10 years and every one of those years, they have got more students through.

Swales Mock Exams
Focused learning
Behind every question in the Swales database, there is an explanation of the solution or the relevant theory needed to correctly answer the question. Where necessary, this is enhanced by the use of graphics. This means that you read and learn the theory,specifically in relation to the kind of question that you can expect in the CAA exam. Swales Mock Exams focus you on passing the final exams
Swales Databases
There's only so much you can learn by reading and re-reading the ground school books. At some stage you will start to ask what kind of questions you will get in the CAA exams. This is where Swales Mock Exams come to the rescue. Swales has been collecting information about the CAA exams from students who have taken the exams over many years. This knowledge has been used to enhance the Swales databases to ensure that they are a true representation of the final exams.
Based on the true SACAA Question Bank
More than a testing system, it's a complete focused learning system
The Swales Mock Exam Process
Questions and Answers
When you start a mock test you will be presented with a question and answer screen seen on the right. You can step through the questions choosing to answer or not as you go. If the question involves a graphic it will be seen in a dropdown list at the bottom right of the screen. To answer a question you will click the a), b), c) or d) to the right of the answer.
When you have answers all the question, or when the time has run out, you will be taken to a results screen. As well as indicating your pass or fail mark, each randomly selected question is listed. The list indicates which question you got correct and which you got wrong
You are able to click any question on the results page to reveal an explanation screen which, as seen on the right, can include an explanetary graphic.
for User references.
Download 'Mock Restricted Radio' for your Drone (RPAS) Radiotelephony Exam. See Regulation 101.03.2(1)(c)